About This Live Project

Our project looks at the disused railway which used to run from Scarborough to Whitby. The line passes through urban, suburban and rural areas along its 22 mile length. At present it is successfully used as a recreational walking and cycling route aswell as by horse riders and even commuters as a traffic free means to get to work. 

Working with Scarborough council, Friends of the Old Railway and other groups and members of the public we hope to raise awareness of this fantastic resource, highlight areas of improvement and produce a strategic masterplan for its future development.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

An idea for the brochure was to give it a futher use beyond just as a source of information. The
brochure will have a small seed bag containing seeds of a wild british vegetable and when the walker or cycler get homes the brochure contains information of creating an oragami seed started pot which they can plant their seeds and return to the old railway line and plant the box somewhere along the route. This is accompanied by a cookery book which identifys the plants along the route and suggest recipes.

An idea to launch the event is to get a set of school children to start the seed boxes in the classroom and then plant them along the route along with an LED plant a prototype we made which is shown above. The children are encouraged to come back and collect the vegetables when they have grown creating ownership and the LED flowers will act as markers across the site at the Scarborough end where is there is confusion of the location of the old railway for one night. The problem is the estimated 100 LED flowers required for this event.

The big idea for the masterplan is using the routes natural resources and turning into a linear orchard where people can forage for food and educating the local community about healthy eating. The focus site we have indentified is the old railway yard and a couple of initial sketches are shown above. The scale of the old yard is massive so we are taking a diagramatic approach and suggesting a number of elements that could be incorporated into its design are: an outdoor learning/theatre space, orchard, market space and a wild meadow.

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