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Our project looks at the disused railway which used to run from Scarborough to Whitby. The line passes through urban, suburban and rural areas along its 22 mile length. At present it is successfully used as a recreational walking and cycling route aswell as by horse riders and even commuters as a traffic free means to get to work. 

Working with Scarborough council, Friends of the Old Railway and other groups and members of the public we hope to raise awareness of this fantastic resource, highlight areas of improvement and produce a strategic masterplan for its future development.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


1 - Scarborough Railway Project
Co-ordinators: Russell Light, Ben Costello, Stephanie Stead

The Old Railway Line that runs from Scarborough to Whitby in North Yorkshire was once a well used steam locomotive route transporting passengers and industrial products. It has now become a popular recreational route for horse riders, cyclists, runners and walkers. The line links a wide range of places with differing characters – villages, pubs, bays, towns etc. There is a voluntary ‘Friends’ help group that lobbies for the line and encourages awareness and investment. Some sections are in better condition than others, in terms of access, signage, anti-social behaviour etc. Some minor works have already been undertaken to improved access and information, but there is no coherent overall plan or programme. The Urban Renaissance programme in Scarborough values the project as a high priority.
Project Objectives:
- Work in conjunction with local stakeholders in developing a framework for phased ‘development’ project
- Produce an accessible brochure explaining the proposed overall framework
- Develop a prototype example project for a key town site in Scarborough (Manor Road /Woodland Ravine junction) which
currently suffers from severe lack of legibility
Overall Framework:
- Work needs to briefly illustrate critical analysis of key concerns surrounding the site
- Engage with stakeholder consultation (key Renaissance groups – Urban Space, Tourism, Transport, Art, etc, Town Team, Local Authority)
- Present final overall framework proposals in accessible format (website/pdf/brochure etc)
Prototype Project:
- Illustrate an example of how a key site already identified along the line could be taken forward
- Critical site analysis
- Consultation
- Funding Research
- Design Proposals
Final Exhibition
- Show case student work

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