About This Live Project

Our project looks at the disused railway which used to run from Scarborough to Whitby. The line passes through urban, suburban and rural areas along its 22 mile length. At present it is successfully used as a recreational walking and cycling route aswell as by horse riders and even commuters as a traffic free means to get to work. 

Working with Scarborough council, Friends of the Old Railway and other groups and members of the public we hope to raise awareness of this fantastic resource, highlight areas of improvement and produce a strategic masterplan for its future development.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Graphic Designer Kathrin Jacobsen was commissioned to produce a signage system from Southwark tube station to The Tate Modern art gallery. This system used existing street furniture to provide a clear route to and from the destinations. I think this is a simple method to implement that could both raise awareness of the beginning of the old railway line and be easy to follow. Possibility of approaching Sainsbury's to sponser the work, orange being their colour and they would simultaneously lead to their shop.

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